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Weddings: New Beginnings ~ by diana moore

Posted in: Relationship Coaching
Weddings: New Beginnings ~ by diana moore

I love new beginnings, especially when the energy is fresh, joyful and light.  Weddings and commitment ceremonies are our joyful, light-filled rituals to honor the official beginning of the lives of two people coming together in unison as a family.  One of the things I am most excited about as a new officiant is the honor of guiding the process of the ceremony.  I am also excited to facilitate sacred ceremonies in the many beautiful venues in Vermont and Northern New Hampshire, especially now through Fall when the trees are at their finest, the birds are in full song and the views are spectacular!  Here is a passage from To Bless the Space Between Us, by John O’Donohue:

…When the heart is ready for a fresh beginning, unforeseen things can emerge. And in a sense, this is exactly what a beginning does. It is an opening for surprises. Surrounding the intention and the act of beginning, there are always exciting possibilities. … beginnings have their own mind, and they invite and unveil new gifts and arrivals in one’s life. Beginnings are new horizons that want to be seen…