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Thanking Our Guardians on National Nurses Week

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Thanking Our Guardians on National Nurses Week

It’s National Nurses Week! We would like to take a moment to thank nurses for the amazing work they do and for following the call to help, help help! Many of our associate ministers have been or are volunteers in hospitals and senior care facilities and witness the dedication and sacrifices that nurses make.  We encourage you to share stories or comments in honor of our special guardians.

My personal thanks go out to the nurse that helped my dear father-in-law as he struggled with an anxiety attack in a Seattle hospital a couple of years ago. He had led an active, healthy lifestyle until he was diagnosed with a rare disease in his seventies.  His penchant for traveling to Australian deserts and lone Mexican beaches had ill-prepared him (no pun intended) for disease and hospitals. (Is anyone ever prepared?) One night, after a hospital procedure, he was shaking uncontrollably and in a panic. His nurse seemed to sense what the trouble was and climbed into bed next to him. She wrapped her arms around him and held him while whispering soothing words in Spanish. My father-in-law was finally able to relax and fall asleep. The interactions he had with the nurses and physical therapists were the only thing that kept him sane during those long weeks.

When he speaks about that experience, his gratitude is so palpable that it has spread to the rest of the family. We are eternally grateful for that nurse’s care and kind gestures. Blessings and Happy National Nurses Week!