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Yulissa & Ward – Charlie’s – Windsor Golf Club

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Yulissa & Ward – Charlie’s – Windsor Golf Club

Charlie’s Windsor Golf Club, Windsor CA
Lucinda Martin

Our wedding ceremony was all we had hope it would be and more, Lucinda worked with us to make a ceremony that really resonated with us. It was very different than any other our guest had heard before, they actually participated, and this made it so much more intimate for us.

There was meaning to every part of the ceremony;

The hand blessing with water, represented the union of two hearts, and for us the union of our souls. The exchange of the rings that like a circle have no beginning and no end are symbols of wholeness and unity.

We became in tune with all nature that surrounded us and we were blessed by its infinite energy. The readings and poems felt like send off presents from spiritual guides and laid the path to follow in our married life.

We could not have ask for more!