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Wally and Martha, Private Wedding, Odiome State Park, Rye, NH

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Wally and Martha, Private Wedding, Odiome State Park, Rye, NH

New England Area –
Rev Diana Moore
I have known Diana for many years as a guidance counselor and as a strong and spiritual woman. When my fiancé asked who I would want to marry us, Diana was the first and only person that came to mind. As I had relocated out of Vermont, I wasn’t aware that she had become an inter-faith minister – but it made sense that her calling brought her to this place; a place for sharing her spirituality and her beautiful soul. Diana was so easy to work with. She understood what we wanted in our ceremony and gently added her own thoughts, talents, and ideas which perfectly aligned with our dream of a Native American/pagan based ceremony. We traveled to meet with Diana once in Vermont before she made the long trek to the ocean to join our hearts, minds, and souls together in our lifelong union. Our wedding ceremony was exactly what we both wanted and we couldn’t have asked for a more blessed event. Diana collected our thoughts and wishes and gave life to the ceremony we had both dreamed of for our wedding day. She created a serene and love filled event that will remain a part of the both of us forever. – Martha A. Evangelista-Sylvia