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Summer Weddings in Vermont

Posted in: Wedding and Ceremony Rituals

Riverside Farm

The air is redolent with the scents of red clover, wild roses, bedstraw and various other flowers here in Northern Vermont.  The landscape makes for a magical wedding venue. Imagine the sound of moving water as a backdrop to your perfectly customized ceremony, echoing the emotional commitment that you share…..Imagine the ancient mountains, blanketed in leaf green and reflecting the blue of the sky; surrounding and supporting you as you take your vows.  Waterfalls, mountaintops, lakeside parks and the romantically restored historic barns are just some of the options available to couples planning a Vermont wedding.

Certain rituals lend themselves well to outdoor ceremonies including a Nature Exchange – offering each other a found symbol from nature that symbolizes your love for each other.  This symbol can be used later as a reminder of your spoken vows. Another ritual might be a Hand Blessing which can involve the use of natural waters or setting up a small table with a beautiful basin.  Vows and Kisses has added a new Boutique, offering lovely and unique artisan items, including blessing bowls and tables, online for purchase. Whether you plan a large gathering or an intimate commitment ceremony with just the two of you, Summer in Vermont offers romance at its best.

I look forward to sharing these abundant blessings with you!
Wedding Officiant, Diana Moore

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars. –Walt Whitman

Photos courtesy of Riverside Farm in Vermont

Riverside Farm inside

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The “and more” part of Vows & Kisses Wedding Officiants – and More

Posted in: Wedding and Ceremony Rituals

wedding ritual hand blessing

Yesterday, “Vows & Kisses” had a tradeshow booth at Wine Country Bride, bridal fair in Sonoma County. I had the great pleasure of meeting and greeting many couples anxious to plan their wedding day and visiting with vendors that have the same passion as ours; offering the best services we can to ensure beautiful wedding ceremonies and receptions.

One couple called that morning asking to schedule a meeting with me in advance. They were nervous they might not have the opportunity to book me for their June wedding, since it falls during peak season and there was a good chance that other couples at the bridal tradeshow would be looking for an officiant for the same day. This couple wanted to meet in person right away, to have the opportunity to interview me, ensuring I would meet their requirements for a wedding officiant. The bride-to-be explained, “We met with other wedding officiants but they just weren’t the right fit. We attended a wedding once that we really liked because it was so personal, not just a ceremony script. And so we are still in search of the right fit.”

A Personalized Ceremony

For this couple, having a custom-created ceremony that tells their story, communicates their love and includes a unique symbolic ritual (not religious – but spiritual), is part of their vision. In addition to their love story and intentions, they may choose to include wedding rituals such as a Wine Box Ceremony and a Hand Blessing.

I admire their desire to take the relationship with their wedding minister seriously. Their ceremony is a priority, not the formality needed as a prerequisite for a beautiful dress and an audacious party. What really intrigued me was their expressed desire (requirement) to meet several times to develop a relationship – “we don’t want to be married by a stranger. We want someone that knows us, understands us.”

My heart was filled with joy, as it confirmed for me the sense that Vows & Kisses Associates will be serving in a very profound way – to help people that are hungry to be fed, spiritually. As Interfaith Ministers, we are well educated and experienced to become the “family minister” or spiritual guide for couples that have no desire to attend traditional churches.

And More

Not all couples desire a Spiritual Guide – and we graciously provide professional ceremonies that are personalized for all of our couples. It is also very apparent to me that many couples desire an interspiritual practice; a personally defined relationship with God, Great Spirit, Divine Mind, Creative Intelligence, (many names for the same expression of Divine Love.) They are looking for ways to be spiritually fed.

This is the “and more” part of our Vows & Kisses logo… wedding officiants and more. We will be sharing many of life’s transitions and rites of passage together: from exploring how this couple defines marriage, their love, and their relationship. After the wedding, I will be there to serve them as a Spiritual Companion – to listen and ask questions, helping them to reveal their answers from within to some of life’s most difficult questions.

Perhaps I will have the honor to create a baby blessing someday: a celebration of new life where family and friends will offer their Vows to love, support and care for the child– sealed with a kiss.


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Lesbian and Gay Weddings

Posted in: Gay Weddings

Blog-Photo-8.20.13_38f66019eb79e6ac1a7a9fc614cc7bcfVows & Kisses California Ministers are very excited to be able to continue efforts in support of gay marriages. Reverend Susan Tracy has been busy officiating gay weddings at the State Capital Rose Garden, I just officiated my first legal marriage of two beautiful women at the Palm Event Center, Pleasanton. And, Reverend Ron King officiated the first gay wedding at Indian Wells, in Palm Springs area.

I am personally inspired by Reverend Ron King’s posting, as the wedding couple’s family and friends recognized the beauty and importance of a personalized wedding ceremony. Congratulations Reverend Ron!

“Last evening, I had the pleasure of officiating at the first same-sex wedding held at the IW Club in Indian Wells, CA. The men were from St. Lewis. MO and their guests included people from St. Lewis and the Palm Springs area. One of the grooms is a well-known florist and he created the most amazing and beautiful floral arrangements for the wedding area and the banquet table. The dinner was the best I think I ever had, anywhere.

One of the guests took to the microphone before the dinner began and talked about his relationship with the men and then noted that the wedding ceremony was the most beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony that he had ever experienced and the 30 guests started to applaud in affirmation. I was a bit overwhelmed (and loved every clap!)”

-Rev. Ron King

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