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SCOTUS Ruling June 26, 2013

Posted in: Gay Weddings



Gay Californians celebrate today with family, friends and supporters the decision announced by The US Supreme Court overturning Prop 8. The court affirmed the lower district court ruling re. standing. Prop * is now voided. We also celebrate the overturn of the so called Defense of Marriage Act.
Vows and Kisses joins in this celebration, and ministers in this association stand ready to assist couples in the preparation of their wedding ceremonies in California as well as the other 12 states and the District of Columbia that allow same-gendered marriage.

Additionally, this association knows that this news also effects people that do not support same-gendered marriage. We encourage you to keep your hearts open to these changes that you do not support. We acknowledge that this news may have been difficult for you to hear. Individually, our ministers may be available to offer counseling and support if you wish to contact and plan appointment time with them on this or any other topic.