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Wine Box Ceremony


This is a lovely ceremony wherein the couple writes a “love letter” to each other, prior to their wedding day, expressing how they love each other and why they want to marry them. Keeping their letters private from each other they bring their letters to the ceremony. The couple has provided a special box and bottle of wine that is placed at the table/altar before the ceremony begins. At the time of the Wine Box Ceremony, the celebrant explains the purpose of this symbolic ritual and invites the couple to place their letters into the special box. At the fifth year anniversary (or ten, if it’s a really good cabernet) they are to open the box and celebrate, reading the letters to each other. If they should experience a serious rough spot prior to that time, they are encouraged to open the box, pour each other a glass of wine, go into separate rooms, sip the wine while reading their love letter. They come together, and exchange letters.