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Wedding Ceremony

The Ceremony: Words of Love and Wisdomweddingceremony

Once the guests are welcomed, perhaps a prayer or blessing is included, the Officiant recites the custom created “Celebrant’s Address”. Through the blending of two individuals – two families, a new expression of love emerges as a couple becomes united through marriage. “Vows and Kisses” Officiants have studied world religions and cultural diversity. This provides insight into the many ways people communicate and express love. Words of Wisdom are sprinkled throughout the ceremony creating inspiration and understanding of a lasting marriage.

We are passionate in creating a “Celebrant’s Address” reflecting
the beauty and uniqueness of a couple’s relationship.
The Vows: Your Promise and Authentic Expression of Love

The couple expresses their “intention to become married”, as required by law. This is the part where the Celebrant asks the couple if they want to become married and the couples replies “I Do”. This is followed by your wedding vows. “Vows and Kisses” celebrants provide several samples of various styles for the couple to select for their vows. This is the “please repeat after me” part. In addition, we gently guide our couples in considering the writing of “Personal Vows or Words” to share with each other.

Together, we will tenderly touch the beautiful dimensions of your promises and vows of eternal love.

A Ritual and the Kiss: Affirming Your Union in Love

Many couples choose to select a ritual reflecting their commitment. Many metaphors of a meaningful ritual symbolize the covenant of marriage. “Vows and Kisses” Celebrants/Clergy, are highly experienced in facilitating rituals: non-religious, spiritual, traditional or contemporary. Detailed information can be reviewed on the “Rituals” page of

The Witness and Marriage License

The marriage license needs to be obtained within 90 days of the ceremony. There is room for two witness signatures; however, only one is required by law. (Confidential licenses do not require a witness) “Vows and Kisses” Officiants will guide you in the process.

How it all works: Complimentary Consultation

Schedule your consultation now and your Officiant will be happy to provide fee information once the details of your ceremony are discussed. To secure the date you will pay ½ of the fee. “Vows and Kisses” celebrants are highly organized professionals, providing written agreements. The creation of your ceremony is very easy; well prepared we email samples and rough drafts for your review and approval.