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LGBTQ Marriage

samegenderweddingThere has been considerable fairy tale since you both met, and now anticipation of the relationship that you both want. Love and commitment are so rare in this world that you want supportive family and friends to bear witness as you formalize your relationship to the outside world and shout: Hey world, this is the one! With honor, courage, and honesty, together you move from one stage of life to the next. You gather the past, with visions and hopes for the future into your hearts and live fully in the present.

You may seek an age-old traditional ceremony in a house of worship as you commit yourself to another person. Or you may celebrate your unique needs in the family backyard, living room, or exclusive estate. Wherever you decide to speak your vows, the contract that forms the basis of your union, we will be there to help integrate ritual, culture, symbols, and values so your wishes are met with an awareness of why you do what you do. Whether casual or dramatic, secular or sacred, we will help create meaning and essence that lingers in your memories and the aspirations of the community assembled. This is a time, place and life yearning to be sanctified in this share experience.

This ceremony is the cornerstone of the celebration of your lives together. You are participating in a radical act as you live authentically as God created you to live. With simplicity, grace & humility you share sacred moments of your lives. On behalf of love and justice honoring your LGBTQ experiences, you make life holy by no longer being silent about the love that in the past, dared not speak its name.

Vows & Kisses has always been proud to stand by and support our friends in the LGBTQ community.